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A #hacker managed to compromise, and entirely destroy, a popular #email service and all of its backups. What happened? #cybersecurity #infosec #cybersecurityeurope

Did you know that healthcare providers and hospitals are increasingly targeted by attackers for the data they hold?

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Endpoint protection is so much more than just an anti-virus and firewall - from patch management right through to data encryption and white-listing, endpoint protection is hugely important to businesses of all sizes.

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Keep your business files away from the hands of hackers with our anti-ransomware software.

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Working in #CyberSecurity: "Do your best to communicate your message, be open to questions and hearing other people’s views" #careers threatintel photo

Industry players gather to pressure retailers on IoT security

This week, learn about this year’s current uses and emerging risks of the cloud. Also, find out what new vulnerability was found in containers. Read on: TrendMicro photo

#MQTT & #CoAP are data protocols widely used in machine-to-machine ( #M2M) communications for #IoT deployments. But are users aware of the security & privacy risks? TrendMicro photo

Triout Android Spyware Framework Makes a Comeback, Abusing App with 50 Million Downloads via @BitDefenderLabs

Wow, this just got so much worse. @Bitdefender also found several serious flaws in Guardzilla's products, including an API flaw that can "grant anyone access to the security camera’s feed silently." Guardzilla ignored Bitdefender's disclosure, too.

Vulnerabilities in indoor security camera allows remote compromise and device takeover

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Its new features include lower latency, faster connections, fewer dead zones, and better battery life.

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I'm excited to speak at Open Networking Summit North America 2019 @sched @avast_antivirus #IoTSecurity

As toy companies continue to try to add amazing features, security holes can appear.

They offer cool tech like speech or personalized play. However, without proper security, the internet connection can be hacked just like a phone.

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AVG's Next-Level Security Features in 2019. Learn more about the new features added this year to protect you from today's most prevalent threats - data breaches and phishing. ➤ #CyberSecurity

iCloud-locked iPhones are under attack. Turning on Find My Phone has done a great job of securing devices against theft, but now thieves and hackers are focused on new ways to get around it.

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Here's a useful resource for creating sockpuppet accounts: It generates a new high-resolution face every two seconds (just F5 the page). They're impressively realistic. FSecure photo

Planning your summer 2019? Why not spend it in NYC, researching cutting edge security topics and developing your hacking skills, working with MWR’s world-renowned research team as an Intern? Don't miss out, apply now - | #infosec FSecure photo

Our latest Threat Report takes a look at the rise in JavaScript malware and more threat statistics. Take a look at the details, here. McAfee_Labs photo

With Netflix’s hit series You, and #ValentinesDay just around the corner, the topic of how easy it is to track someone online was top of mind for @Raj_Samani as he spoke with @helpnetsecurity. Take a look at the details and how to better protect yourself.