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Many apps on #Google Play that claim to help increase your following & engagement are also stealing your username & #password. #infosec #cybersecurity

Ever wondered if #cybercriminals could eavesdrop on you through your #smartphone's microphone? Welcome to the world of #keyloggers. Here's what you should know. #infosec #cybersecurity

"Don't Just Stop Breaches, Fix Them." A video from the 2019 RSA Conference in San Francisco. #infosec #cybersecurity

Costin Raiu @craiu and Vicente Diaz @trompi will present their review of advanced persistent threat activity in the first quarter of 2019. Join the free #webinar:

Did you know, public WiFi is insecure and makes you vulnerable to data thieves? Download Kaspersky VPN #Secure Connection so you can stay connected:

Google fights MitM phishing by blocking logins from embedded browser frameworks

Data will play a big role in the future, once #5G becomes fully deployed. Learn about the other characteristics of a #5G world: TrendMicro photo

This month's threat webinar will review @TrendMicroRSRCH & how their research can benefit organizations through responsible disclosure & pre-disclosed filters to virtually patch vulnerabilities. Register here: TrendMicro photo

We found SingleFile, a web extension that allows users to save a webpage as a single HTML file, being used to create bogus #phishing login pages. Report: TrendMicro photo

ICYMI: Scranos is a new rootkit malware that steals passwords and payment methods... but also has a thing for stealthily pushing up YouTube channel subscribers, because why the hell not.

A deep dive into Scranos, a highly customizable #adware framework with #rootkit capabilities. via @BitdefenderLabs

We are honored to take part in this year's #scawards. We are finalists for the "most critical discovery" and "most critical product" awards. @Bitdefender @Bitdefender_Ent

#Facebook imported the contact info of 1.5M users w/o consent. Though FB said the email passwords weren't stored, pulling their contacts data angered cybersecurity experts, & FB changed the feature. Except... it really didn't.

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Cool or creepy: urban signage that lets you know when you're being monitored. What do you think? @sidewalklabs - an Alphabet co. - is developing visual cues to indicate when their tech is monitoring you.
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If you are on Instagram and haven't already changed your password, it is time.

Facebook has updated its prior statement to say that "millions" of Instagram users were affected by the security incident, not "tens of thousands". ➤ #facebook

How to Get Rid of Cookies Absolutely Everywhere

Every once in a while it does you some good to clean out your cookies, and we at AVG will help you do just that: for every device you browse with. ➤ #springcleaning

It's easy to be a cybercriminal these days. But not all crooks are cut out for this game, some ending up not just infecting their own computers but also leaving identifying evidence on machines that is insecure and open to snooping.

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Victims have already lost over $83million to these scams.

Don't be fooled - you may receive emails or phone calls from the IRS saying you owe money and must immediately pay it.

Check with your accountant or the IRS to verify.

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Featured by @pcworld as one of the 5 best VPN apps for Android. Well done @FreedomeVPN! FSecure photo

After the long winter, the Finnish spring is a small miracle. It is almost nine pm in the picture.
Happy Easter!
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Tip of the day: You can short-hand IP addresses by dropping the zeros.

Our ATR team found that the WeMo vulnerability, classified as CVE-2018-6692, is still a zero-day vulnerability, even a year later. Details on the increasing implementation of IoT device vulnerabilities in modern malware, here.

Ho do you stop worrying about keeping up with the latest sophisticated threats and start automating? Candace Worley, Vice President and Chief Technical Strategist, shares the details with @SCMagazine.