Malware Researchers

HawkEye Reborn Stub V8 (main payload) which I extracted while doing my internship task. Detailed analysis write-up coming soon

Gear arrived from @virusbay_io the other day. These shirts and sweaters are really high quality for InfoSec swag too. Great work @virusbay_io! #virusbay #HackInStyle #Malware virusbay_io photo

After my previous tweet, I'm publishing my first blog post about "Automatically Mapping Binaries with Debug Prints using IDAPython"
A simple script that can come useful when starting to map a large binary.


@Danbo @malwrhunterteam but no dude on any deployment anywhere, any time talks like that.

If people wouldn't believe that the random man who is only started to chat with you recently would keep chatting with you while the military base in under attack where he is serving... that would be... great? malwrhunterteam photo