Malware Researchers

@DamskyIrena Maybe not really what you're looking for, but @virusbay_io from @IdoNaor1 and @DaniGoland could be a good starting point for sharing knowledge and expertise.

It looks like Verint got infected with ransomware a couple of hours ago. No further details atm. virusbay_io photo

After my previous tweet, I'm publishing my first blog post about "Automatically Mapping Binaries with Debug Prints using IDAPython"
A simple script that can come useful when starting to map a large binary.

An explosive storm with frequent lightning flashes and rising Milky Way in the back. West Texas on May 30th, 2016. malwrhunterteam photo

Another ransomware actor using Gmail...
malwrhunterteam photo
Michael Gillespie @demonslay335
Wow, seems a group who hacks RDP and ransoms drives using BitLocker is still active since 2015. Recent submission to ID #Ransomware: | @BleepinComputer topic from 2015:

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