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Well, well, well... what do we have here? This looks like a modification of unpacked #GandCrab with version 5.3, but with #Jokeroo RaaS debug messages "Jokeroo, new ransom", "We rulez!!". False flag? #ransomware #falseflag @CryptoInsane @BleepinComputer BleepinComputer photo

New INPIVX Service May Change the Ransomware Game - by @Ionut_Ilascu

Mozilla Firefox to Enable Hyperlink Ping Tracking By Default - by @LawrenceAbrams

A white-hat hacker breaks into French government's newly launched secure end-to-end #encrypted messaging app—dubbed Tchap—that is otherwise can only be accessed by government officials and politicians.

by @Swati_THN
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Facebook stored millions of #Instagram users' passwords in plaintext, not for "tens of thousands" users, a quietly added update to the company's last month blog post revealed today.

BY @Swati_THN
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Here's a recent presentation from privacy activist Ian Madrigal, aka the Monopoly Man:


1. How consumer rights impact tech,
2. GDPR protections as a model for best practices,
3. Role of IT teams in addressing #privacy compliance

and more.

It's (almost) the weekend, and we're chatting about favorite #cybersecurity movies. Check out our list of documentaries, hacker films, and flicks based on short stories (spoiler: no 'War Games' or 'Sneakers' on this roundup) - by @szurier

Security pros want to grow their careers, and they're most likely to stick with companies that help them. "Over almost any other benefit ... training is the first thing that comes out of people's mouths," @robtlee says. Tips for training your workforce:

Research from @forrester says #cloud security spend will hit $12.6B in 2023, up from $5.6B in 2018. The biggest area of growth? Public cloud native platform security, which is expected to grow 20% each year to hit $9.7B by 2023. What's driving the trends:

Our webinar is a few days away!


Threatpost editor Tara Seals will discuss new #security challenges associated with the adoption of #cloud services - and the best practices for locking down this new architecture.
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As #Facebook privacy-related incidents pile up this week, a Threatpost poll found that a whopping three-fourths of users no longer trust the social media giant.
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A researcher discovered that 300,000 drivers of the Iranian ride hailing #app Tap30 had their #data left publicly exposed in an insecure database. ( @MayhemDayOne)

Great training session at #ICSCCS19! See you all next year!
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Applied Risk @AppliedRisk
Participants getting hands-on industrial fuzzing experience and a Safety PLC Denial of Service demo at the Applied Risk Advanced ICS/SCADA Hacking Training, hosted at ICS Singapore. Want to try it yourself? Click for course info #ICSCCS19 #ICS #SCADA

Facebook Collected Email Contacts of 1.5 Million Users Without Consent

Google to Block Logins From Embedded Browsers to Prevent Phishing -

Following updates to Android application programming interfaces (APIs) and Google Play policies, some developers have been surprised to find they’ve been blocked from distributing apps through Google Play.

Facebook: we logged 100x more Instagram plaintext passwords than we thought

Discovering how malware got into your system can be difficult, in this article we explain why and share some tips on staying secure in the future.

April Adobe Patch Tuesday addresses several critical flaws in Flash, Acrobat and more

Chucky is a rogue IoT device in latest Child’s Play trailer l

Security update removes hard-coded credentials from MyCar Controls app

Ongoing #cyberthreat campaign – #SeaTurtle – and state-sponsored attackers are abusing #DNS to harvest credentials to gain access to sensitive networks. @Mcooney59 @TalosSecurity #networksecurity #cybersecurity

#Cisco releases “critical” patches for its IOS and IOS XE Software Cluster Management and IOS software for Cisco ASR 9000 Series routers. Users should install updates ASAP. @Mcooney59 #security #networksecurity

Attackers have been hijacking PC motherboard software updates & hardware drivers to install #malware. Review your systems now to ensure they haven’t been affected. @SBSDiva #cybersecurity #hacking

#Intel borrows another page out of #AMD’s playbook, launches new line of single-socket #processors#Xeon Gold U series – writes @apatrizio #servers #hardware #datacenter

“IBM’s Power processor and Nvidia’s Tesla are about to get pwned by a derivative chip to the one in your iPhone.” -- @apatrizio writing about the new Post-K #supercomputer coming from Fujitsu @Fujitsu_Global @riken_en

#Cisco releases “critical” patches for its IOS and IOS XE Software Cluster Management and IOS software for Cisco ASR 9000 Series routers. Users should install updates ASAP. @Mcooney59 #security #networksecurity

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Why You Should Give Your IT Department Lie Detector Test

Was a Member of Notorious Hacker Group Cult of the Dead Cow NCSbyHTCS photo

Such a good deal! -> $10 for $20 Gift Card on LivingSocial

Mary J Foley (Microsoft blogger) buys an iPad

300 #Shanghai restaurants were equipped with #surveillance cameras in their kitchen, so that customers can see what’s going on in the kitchen anytime. HackRead photo

Android smartphones are used all around the world and are become popular by the day. If you are an owner of an Android smartphone and use to watch porn on it, its time you should start avoiding that.
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Do you want to know why you should avoid watching porn on Android smartphones because they are vulnerable to hacking and ransomware? Read about it here:
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