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Apple Requiring 2-Factor Authentication on Developer Account Holders - by @LawrenceAbrams

Google Fixing Chrome API to Prevent Incognito Mode Detection - by @LawrenceAbrams

Brokerage Firms Warned by FINRA Regulator of New Phishing Attack - by @serghei

⚠️ WARNING – Watch out for this new type of extremely creative #phishing attacks that even most vigilant users could fall for.

Can you spot what's wrong with that OAuth browser window? 😉

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You should change your passwords immediately, if you have an account with any of these newly disclosed hacked websites.
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An hacker who breached dozens of popular sites puts 127 million new records up for sale on the Dark Web.

—by @Swati_THN

Chashell — Reverse shell that communicates over DNS. It can be used to bypass firewalls or tightly restricted networks

"Every packet is encrypted using symmetric cryptography (XSalsa20 + Poly1305), with a shared key between the client and the server"
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Researchers @trendmicro found a new strain of #MacOS malware that disguises itself as a #Windows executable file. It's "aimed squarely at Macs," says @kg4gwa. The file used to deliver the payload shows an error message if someone tries to run it on Windows

This week in our data #breach and #security incident round up, we have:

-Coffee Meets Bagel

And more:

#Microsoft booted eight malicious apps from its official app store.

The apps were surreptitiously stealing victims’ CPU power to mine for Monero #cryptocurrency.
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Cryptojacking Applications Land in Microsoft Store

DHS Cyber Leader Says 2020 Security Preparations Underway -

A researcher says he received a $25,000 bounty from Facebook after he reported a CSRF vulnerability that could have been exploited to hijack accounts.

A judge has ordered that legal documents about the government’s fight to force Facebook to break Messenger encryption will be kept secret. Investigators wanted to listen in on the conversations as part of an investigation into MS-13.

A company operating a facial recognition system in China has exposed millions of residents’ personal information online.

You are worth $7.37 to Facebook. You are worth $2.83 to Twitter. You are worth 30 cents to Reddit.

VFEmail hit with ‘Catastrophic’ attack that deleted primary and backup files

SC Product Reviews February 2019 Cloud-based security management -- vArmour Application Controller l

Report: Details on 617 million user accounts up for sale on dark web

Infrastructure as a service has been great for organizations, but will #serverless computing be even better? @ClintBoulton finds out what people are saying. @DeloitteOnTech @Gartner_inc @nicksrockwell #Lambda

10 questions to ask when selecting enterprise #IoT solutions -- #1: How much data will your #sensors generate and how often? @quistuipater #InternetofThings NetworkWorld photo

Android smartphones are used all around the world and are become popular by the day. If you are an owner of an Android smartphone and use to watch porn on it, its time you should start avoiding that.
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Do you want to know why you should avoid watching porn on Android smartphones because they are vulnerable to hacking and ransomware? Read about it here:
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