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It was a pleasure to host our technology customer Colgate-Palmolive at our offices and discuss future collaborations viral_security photo

Go ahead and support our friends @virusbay_io the next best thing in malware sharing platform!!
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VirusBay @virusbay_io
On my way to #theSAS2018, sitting in the terminal, getting a message from @DaniGoland: “Kickstarter approved!”.
More and more dreams to conquer. Ours and yours! Let’s boost the power of #VirusBay! Together.
Ping me if u have questions,

Thanks @LibraAnalysis for mentioning us in your blog.
Much appreciated.

300 researchers out of 566 requests vetted for invite codes ☑️
Back to work.

Another ransomware actor using Gmail...
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Michael Gillespie @demonslay335
Wow, seems a group who hacks RDP and ransoms drives using BitLocker is still active since 2015. Recent submission to ID #Ransomware: | @BleepinComputer topic from 2015:

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Project Consulting Services' ("leading engineering and compliance services company serving clients in USA,Canada,UAE & Singapore") website (projectconsultingservices[.]in) is being used to spread Emotet downloaders from more than a month ago... malwrhunterteam photo

So, msecurity[.]ro looks was a site selling alarm systems, surveillance systems, etc, from 2008.
Currently, serving Emotet downloaders, from more than a month ago already. And the homepage gives 500 error...
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Signed (revoked cert) CryptoMix Clop ransomware sample:
April 15th build.
cc @VK_Intel
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