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It was a pleasure to host our technology customer Colgate-Palmolive at our offices and discuss future collaborations viral_security photo

Go ahead and support our friends @virusbay_io the next best thing in malware sharing platform!!
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VirusBay @virusbay_io
On my way to #theSAS2018, sitting in the terminal, getting a message from @DaniGoland: “Kickstarter approved!”.
More and more dreams to conquer. Ours and yours! Let’s boost the power of #VirusBay! Together.
Ping me if u have questions,

Loved it
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x0rz @x0rz
For those interested about propaganda. Let me introduce you to this story from WW2 and why what’s currently happening (on a small scale) is not something new, or even remotely state-of-the-art. Thread (1/17) 👇 #psyops #WW2

#theSAS2019 by @kaspersky is welcoming women to submit talks and present. #awesome
We have many #VirusBay women users - Go go go!

How do you like your coffee?
We like it untouched ☕️ #NewDesigns
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🥳 Black Friday 2018 🥳
VirusBay shop is now live here:
*DM for special requests.
Happy shopping!
@IdoNaor1 & @DaniGoland

Unpacking #ursnif
Links to samples were added in the video description.
Kudos to @hasherezade 🙏🏻


If people wouldn't believe that the random man who is only started to chat with you recently would keep chatting with you while the military base in under attack where he is serving... that would be... great? malwrhunterteam photo

I was saying for long time this is the case... But anyway, this title is just the usual clickbaiting, they not admitted it so obviously (they are talking about this blog post: malwrhunterteam photo

It was obvious that this is not a real threat...
Also, the "get cops all go and hunt for these thing, while we do something else" idea is very unlikely, I think...
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Please be advised - there is an email being circulated containing a bomb threat asking for bitcoin payment. While this email has been sent to numerous locations, searches have been conducted and NO DEVICES have been found.

We just found a project engineer of an US company that is working with things like industrial power systems got his PC infected just some hours ago...
Saved creds to incl.: Chase, BoA, Citi and PayPal.
AV: "ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Business Agent"
@DanielGallagher @0x7fff9
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