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For those interested about propaganda. Let me introduce you to this story from WW2 and why what’s currently happening (on a small scale) is not something new, or even remotely state-of-the-art. Thread (1/17) 👇 #psyops #WW2

#theSAS2019 by @kaspersky is welcoming women to submit talks and present. #awesome
We have many #VirusBay women users - Go go go!

How do you like your coffee?
We like it untouched ☕️ #NewDesigns
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🥳 Black Friday 2018 🥳
VirusBay shop is now live here:
*DM for special requests.
Happy shopping!
@IdoNaor1 & @DaniGoland

Unpacking #ursnif
Links to samples were added in the video description.
Kudos to @hasherezade 🙏🏻

It was a pleasure to host our technology customer Colgate-Palmolive at our offices and discuss future collaborations viral_security photo

Go ahead and support our friends @virusbay_io the next best thing in malware sharing platform!!
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VirusBay @virusbay_io
On my way to #theSAS2018, sitting in the terminal, getting a message from @DaniGoland: “Kickstarter approved!”.
More and more dreams to conquer. Ours and yours! Let’s boost the power of #VirusBay! Together.
Ping me if u have questions,
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