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We decided to participate in the #jvpnycx. A joint effort between Jerusalem Venture Partners & NYC mayor’s office to deliver MSP solutions to ~250K SMBs locates in the area of NYC. virusbay_io photo

Hey all, happy new year! 🥳
We are in a process of upgrading the platform, hence we halted the invite codes process. We know we have over 500 researchers waiting to access and we’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience. Soon we will have everything ready and send you invites!

2018 wants more and more achievements for us! virusbay_io photo

Loved it
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x0rz @x0rz
For those interested about propaganda. Let me introduce you to this story from WW2 and why what’s currently happening (on a small scale) is not something new, or even remotely state-of-the-art. Thread (1/17) 👇 #psyops #WW2

#theSAS2019 by @kaspersky is welcoming women to submit talks and present. #awesome
We have many #VirusBay women users - Go go go!

How do you like your coffee?
We like it untouched ☕️ #NewDesigns
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It was a pleasure to host our technology customer Colgate-Palmolive at our offices and discuss future collaborations viral_security photo

Go ahead and support our friends @virusbay_io the next best thing in malware sharing platform!!
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VirusBay @virusbay_io
On my way to #theSAS2018, sitting in the terminal, getting a message from @DaniGoland: “Kickstarter approved!”.
More and more dreams to conquer. Ours and yours! Let’s boost the power of #VirusBay! Together.
Ping me if u have questions,
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